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Making pots provides a few very important things for me: discipline, including regular physical and mental exercise; a measure of creativity and productivity; a role in history as artisan. The choice to pursue potting as a profession came as a bit of a surprise to me at first, but now seems the ideal solution to the puzzle of life. It satisfies the athlete, the academic, and the connoisseur in me alike. I can be my own boss, make my own inventory, and connect with those who buy and use my work. Along with the rewards, there are many lessons to be learned in patience, cooperation, and loss.

Much like learning to play a musical instrument, throwing clay on the wheel requires methodical practice and refinement of technique. Just as scales provide a vocabulary with which musicians can speak to each other, there are rules to making functional pots. I like to think that my work reflects a system of parts that strike a chord. Clarity, as well as harmony, is essential in the attachment of handles, the fit of lids, the curve of spouts.

Working with clay demands specific time and attention, both mentally and physically. In this way, making pots has become another life cycle for me, with the accompanying ebbs and flows.




Christa Assad lives and works in San Francisco, where she is a full-time studio artist and co-owner of Verdigris Clay Studio + Gallery. She has received numerous honors including a Fulbright grant and an Anderson Ranch residency. She shows her work internationally.