The Functional Show
September 09 - October 08, 2005

The Functional Show opens on September 9 in conjunction with the Fall Gallery Walk. Featuring works by many accomplished artists, both local and nationwide, the show centers around every-day objects where form carries as much weight as function.


Christa Assad
Chris Bowman
Chester Burton
Jim Bekkering
Jack Gates
David Lee
George D. Mast
Malay Patel
Myra Perrin
Ryan Pfrommer
Cory Robinson
Thomas Tedrowe
Phil Tennant

Freeark Desk - $4,795
Bubinga & Cory maple
Thomas Tedrowe

Red Rocket Teapot & Cups
Chrisa Assad

Urban Forrester Bench - $2,800
Sweet Gum, Zircote, Sycamore & Graphite
Cory Robinson

Downtown - $3500
Curly Maple & Patina
George D. Mast