Ryan Newby

Illuminated Paint

Il'lu'mi'nate, v., -nated, -nating, adj. -v.t. 1. to supply or brighten with light; light up. 2. to make lucid; clarify. 3. to decorate with lights. 4. to enlighten. 5. to make resplendent: 6. to decorate (a manuscript or book) with colors and gold or silver.

"My interest lies in exploring experiences and understanding relationships through the experimentation of ideas and medium. All materials have physical properties which one is able to sense a process the visual information. By emphasizing these materials, I allow the viewer to become consciously aware of the medium presented. Once this awareness occurrs, relationships can be drawn between the medium presented and the environment.

"One medium for me has been acrylic paint. Paint has distinct qualities which allow it to differ from other medium. Qualities which I pay close attention to include: color translucency, color intensity, color temperature, liquidity, solidity, flexibility, body, pigment consistency, drying times, shinkage, expansion, texture shape, form. Deliberate attempts are made to exploit these physical properties of paint. Color is one of paint's most distinguishing qualities. By using a light source which is placed on opposing side of the viewer, light is able to penitrate through the thickness of the paint and create unusually rich colors.

"Application plays an important role in this work. By applying the paint with a tool which restricts how I am able to manipulate the paint, I reveal the manner in which paint reacts to itself and takes on it's own characteristics. One of tools used in these pieces, is one which is a bar which is lifted a fraction of an inch above the surface. Once paint is poured at the beginning end, the tool is used to push the paint across the surface, release a thick film of paint behind."