Pete Papadakis

Untitled Cycladic Figures. 1999
~12" high. $600 each

Full Moon
14 x 14" - $350

Crescent Moon

Papadakis was born in San Antonio Texas in 1932.When he was a young boy, he dreamed of becoming an artist. However, the reality of the Depression and the priority of his Greek family determined that he choose a career which provided financial stability. Studying art was totally out of the question. He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering in 1956 and served in the US Army from 1956 to ’58.

He came to Indianapolis in 1962 and was employed by Allison Gas Turbines for the next 30 years. Upon his retirement in 1992, he reached for his dream and enrolled in the Herron School of Art. Papadakis received his BFA in painting, with High distinction, in 1997.

He maintained a studio in the Faris building for two years and now continues his work in the new Murphy Art Center.

Papadakis’ work is a reflection of his personal experiences. It is a personal documentation for the glorification of the human spirit and the continuity of life. Both the carvings and the paintings emphasize the essential relationship between man and time. Papadakis continues to travel to Greece annually and these trips plus his exposure to Byzantine iconography prove to be great influences on his stylistic approach..